10 reasons why Marketers throw in the towel

10 reasons why Marketers throw in the towel







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These are 10 reasons marketing representatives say they quit the business:

1.  They Misunderstood  Network Marketing
A new marketer may have signed up because of the hype, but may not have really understood what network marketing was before committing to it. It’s too confusing and they get a change of heart about the business.

2.  They Don’t Market, they Defend
When trying to tell friends and family what they do, marketers surprisingly end up defending themselves and their marketing company instead of recruiting prospect into the business. They get broadsided by words like “scam” and “scheme” without any training on how to respond. This is horribly uncomfortable for them and they give up instead of finding a better way to promote their business.

3.  Ineffective Presentations
A short presentation script or elevator speech is extremely important. So it may not be working effectively if it’s not getting results. When someone asks them “what do you do?”, your response needs to be specific and understandable.

4.  They Had An Unqualified Target Market
The best elevator speech will still get no results if they are talking to the wrong people. Trying to recruit everybody is as bad as trying to recruit nobody. If you specify your market, you will have a better chance of attracting the right people to your business.

5.  Their Network Was Too Small
If you don’t have a network, you must create one. You almost can’t get away from using some form of social media marketing today. But if your social media practices are too aggressive, you might be running your potential prospects off. There is a strategy for marketing in social media.    (Get back to me and I’ll show you how this works)

6.  They Had Undefined Goals
It may seem incidental, but a failing marketer probably hasn’t really defined who they are in the business, where they should be, what their goals are and what their personal vision of success is for their future in the business.

7.  They Were Not Prepared for the Expense of Marketing
Regardless of how little the expense to get into the business, there is still the expense of running a business. Prepare a budget for marketing expenses. You will need online and offline marketing tools and a way to deliver them.

8.  They Signed Up for the Wrong Marketing Team
If you don’t feel it, then don’t do it. Why try to force yourself to be a part of a company that is involved in something you don’t like or agree with. There are too many network and Internet Marketing groups available for you to be in something you don’t like.

9.  They Didn’t Have Time for the Business
Network marketing is time consuming. It is important that you make time management a big part of your weekly routine when you get started. If succeeding at it is important enough, you will find the time.

10. They Were Attacking Instead of Attracting Their Market
No one wants to be hit over the head with a product or a service even if they need it. There is a more graceful way to get the right people involved in your business. Employ some attraction marketing techniques to your strategy.

Define Your Goals First!
Defining your “who will I be” goals are essential to your success. There is a definite process to finding and focusing on the right goals.

These are some of the things that can lead to frustration and major disappointment. Especially when you are pushed to do things you don’t understand.

Might you be scheduling meetings and getting no-showed constantly, doing presentations and getting the “I’ll think about it” response. all this while still trying to hold a job and have a life at the same time.

But here’s the thing, somebody’s doing it! Somebody’s getting all the rewards, winning all the cars, going on all the trips, and got all the plaques on the walls. Why not you? It may be your focus.


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