Who is Dan McHone?

Hi Guy’s,
Glad you stopped by to learn a little more about me.
I can’t say that I blame you, cause after all, there are thousands of marketers on line. What sets me apart from all of them? Well, I’m one of those guys that just wouldn’t quit. No matter how many times I fell down and bumped my head I always got back up again.

I began my journey in Network Marketing over 20 years ago and I’ve had some great success. I’ve been involved with several companies. Some good, some better. I got a little tired of doing the fliers, signs and business meetings, so I began to look for a way that I could reach more people in a faster period of time. That’s when my efforts began to shift more toward Internet Marketing and that has become the niche that really works for me.
If you’re a Gen Xer or a Baby Boomer let me put your mind at ease. The Internet is really not that scary. You found this blog, right?
If you can send and receive emails and set up a facebook account then you can learn to excel on the internet.
I love to share clarity with people because I know that they will have a straight path to success without all the head bumping that I went through. I guess you could say that I’ve paved the way for you.


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Secrets that will help you realize your full potential in Developing a lifestyle that is beyond belief.
You define it on your terms, whatever goals or dreams you still aspire to achieve. I’ll show you some easy ways to get there.

Changes can be challenging and there will be work involved, but it is oh so worth it.
Do something different, get out of that rut. Ruts don’t lead us to a prosperous life.


change your life







I believe that we all have a purpose and a mission to fulfill while we are here.
I’d like to help you find that purpose.
Once you know where you’re going it’s only a matter of taking the daily steps to get there.
Stay centered and be physically and mentally tuned to living the life of your dreams every day.
Would your life be different if you were free of financial concerns?

I have a solution for that and that is what I will focus on here in my blog.

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