Auto-Responder, Be Sure to Send the Right Message?

Auto-Responder, Be Sure to Send the Right Message?


How do you know you are making the Right Connection

with your Auto Responder follow up messages?


Auto Responder


Hey Guys,

I want to get into the habit of sharing helpful information with you and this week I’ve spent some time setting up a new auto responder sequence.
I’m sure some of you have done that as well and you may have given yourself a headache trying to figure of the best way to reach your target audience.
I’m going to share a few simple tips here that will serve to give you some direction so you are not just flappin’ all over the place. This guideline will keep you on track as you build an effective way to communicate with those that have opted in to your list. Auto responders help you optimize your time and effort.
Before I share these tantalizing tidbits with you let me just make this statement:
There are very few EXPERTS on line or off line. Remember that!
Also remember that a valuable Coach, Mentor or Professional in any field, honestly just knows where to go to find the appropriate answer for the appropriate question. They guide you down the path of success and they help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be!


So before I begin I will give credit where credit is due.
These suggestions came from one of my friends and mentors, Jaden, a young man that has made over 500K from blogging alone. I value his advice and I hope you will too.
This blog is set up to be “interactive”. The more I hear back from you about the posts you like, the more I can keep that type of post coming your way. I look forward to your comments in the section below!
Keep in mind that people make choices based on Avoiding Pain and Increasing Pleasure. These are the two emotions you are targeting in your Auto Responder Sequence.


How to Best Structure your Auto Responder


*1st Email, Sent immediately after opting in. Reaffirm whatever promise you made.
( ebook, discount or someway that you have to eliminate their pain of failure).

*2nd Email, sent 1 day later. Introduce yourself with a short personal story of your experience. Relate to them and their pain and how you found a way to stop it. Be sure to include your contact info, like facebook, twitter email or phone if you prefer. A picture is a good idea.

*3rd Email, sent 1 day later. Do a re-cap, from pleasure to pain and back to pleasure. Always leave them feeling like they can associate pleasure from associating with you.

*4th Email, sent 2 days later. Talk about the benefits of working with you (or your system). What they receive, how easy it is to use and how soon they can expect results. Try to instill a vision of hope for their future that they can see and apply to their lives.

*5th Email, sent 3 days later. Bring up the problem (pain) again, maybe from a different angle and leave them knowing that your product or service is the answer for eliminating that problem for good.

*6th Email, sent 2 days later. This is a good place for testimonials and other social proof. Results people are getting from your product/service.
Feel free to include videos and pictures in your emails just don’t over do it.

*7th Email, sent 3 days later. Repeat the same Idea in email 5. Just phrase it differently. Tell a different story.

*8th Email, sent 2 days later. Add in some value. What benefit do they receive from working directly with you? Are you offering any bonuses?

*9th Email, sent 3 days later. Check in with your subscribers in a conversational way. Ask them what they thought of the product or system you’ve presented. Ask them what’s preventing them from taking action on it. Again be sure to include your contact info so they can answer you back. In fact make sure you are including your contact information in all your signatures.

auto responder







This seems to work well for the right amount of follow up messages. Your Auto Responder is not meant to annoy people. I was with a system at one point that had an 88 message follow up.

Way Overkill and all that does is piss people off and makes them unsubscribe.
But you’re not done yet either. Even though your follow up sequence has ended you are not finished with them yet. You will also be sending them pertinent Broadcast Messages. I also like to set it up through my RSS feed so they automatically receive my blog posts as well.


I hope this has been helpful.
There are many good Auto Responders out there, but I have always enjoyed the benefits of Aweber. They will let you try it out for a dollar and they have very good tutorials to get you up and running.



Until Next Time,


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