Everything is Created from One Source of Energy

The Energy that Guides the Universe

I probably should have learned that in school, but I didn’t. I learned it from a presentation by Bob Proctor a few years ago. Once you understand that concept, many things begin to fall into place.

When I came across this video I knew I had to share it with you. If you’re like me you may need to listen to it a couple of times. It’s worth it. Let it sink in. It’s not the kind of thing we are used to understanding.
Try to capture the meaning of what it’s telling you.
I believe Humanity is shifting in its energy consciousness. I believe the energy of our thoughts are becoming more refined. I believe we are using our thought energy in a much more creative way.
Just trust me on this. Things are changing on a planetary scale and better days are coming. I’m hoping it’s in our lifetime.
If you enjoy things like this I would urge you to visit a page called Mind Openerz.
That is where this article originated. Make sure you watch the video it’s a short one.


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.




This concept was established by Einstein’s equation E=MC2 and has been confirmed by numerous experiments. Therefore Energy has always existed and will always exist, this means our current concept of time where everything has a beginning and an end is false. If we follow this line of reasoning it should be obvious that any scientific theory that describes the origins of the universe is not actually describing the origin of energy but rather one particular expression of that energy.
Science traces the origins of the universe to a timeless and motionless state called the Singularity. Since the Singularity is timeless, it cannot be talked about as before or after anything, if something exist but is not before or after anything then it is NOW. Therefore the Singularity is NOW.

Again, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, therefore all of the energy in existence is present in the singularity. Time and Space are one fabric, you cannot have one without the other, and this is the basic premise of modern physics. There is no time in the singularity therefore there is no space in the singularity. Without space and time there can be no separation or individuation, therefore energy cannot be separated from the singularity, it is one entity, a unified monolithic field with no boundaries and it cannot be broken up or divided in anyway. This is the eternal and omnipresent root of the universe. This is the essence of what we are.
And yet the Relative universe exists. Separation and individuation exists. How do we reconcile this? How can two people sit down and have a conversation if they are both expressions of the same indivisible field of energy?
A good way to conceptualize this is to use the metaphor of a video game on your computer. the characters in the game are all running on the same hardware, their spacial separation is illusory, their time based interactions are expressions of pre-existing possibilities within this framework.
It is the encoding of time that creates the possibility of interaction, both in a video game and in the real world. In the video game that code of time is stored with all the probabilities and possible outcomes co-existing on a disc. In the real world the code of time with all the probabilities and possible outcomes resides in the singularity. This does not imply that our lives are pre-determined and free choice is impossible, all probabilities all possible outcomes co-exist in one moment. But in each moment we choose from those probabilities and our lives are expressions of those choices. These choices aren’t always rational or constructive, but this is due largely to a distorted view of who we are.
If rather than viewing ourselves as strictly isolated individuals at odds with the outside world, we viewed ourselves as a single unified field of existence.
How might that change the way we interact?
How would we treat others if we understood that everything we do to them, we are actually doing to ourselves?




Think about it.

think about it



How would you feel if you could help others create some beneficial energy in their life?


What if I told you all things are possible if you believe and act with diligence and faith to achieve? That’s no pie in the sky! That is a Universal Law!


I work with people like that every day


Go a step further…Open the Door and take a look

open door





I think you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find on the other side!

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