Getting past the Frustration

Let’s not pretend… as a business owner you will face frustration

Hey, all you Business Builders out there. Be honest now, do you ever have a feeling of frustration?

*Things aren’t moving fast enough.
*You’re working your butt of and nobody notices.
*Putting in way too many hours.
*And… the money’s not coming in fast enough.
*You feel like you’re beating your head against the wall.





That’s Great


But then again everyone that’s ever wanted to achieve something great and meaningful has gone through the same feelings and faced the same frustration.


They’ve usually hit rock bottom, before they bounced back to the top!


Congratulate yourself because you are right where you need to be. For right now. You won’t stay there for long.

Even when you hear the glory stories from the big income earners. There is usually a little one liner in there about how bad things once were.


Some of the most awesome leaders I know were once homeless, living in a van or addicted to drugs. Some had medical problems, some had personal problems. Everybody has problems in one form or another.


Do you think it was easy for them? Everyone fights the forces of frustration.

firey darts



Winners possess the Determination to push through and not let frustration steal their victory.


They all fought the good fight and frustration was put in its place.
I’m not going to say it was defeated completely because a little frustration keeps us on track. It shows us where little adjustments need to be made.
Frustration will not however, over power us and make us inefficient in what we’re trying to accomplish.


Like I said earlier all successful people have had to push through frustration. The difference between those that succeed and those who do not is…

never give up


Fight that good fight of faith. Faith and Vision is something you will surely need as a business owner.
The rewards are worth it, to be able to set your own schedule and call your own shots. No one can put a limit on your income.

Frustration does not last forever

So if you need to… Piss and Moan… Whine & Cry… Howl at the Wind… Beat your head against the wall…Drink a Beer… Lose yourself in Rock & Roll… Go right ahead. Then shake it off…. take a shower, and get back in the game!

You’re not out there alone! Hopefully you’ve found a group of like-minded people to associate with. People you can talk to. People you can grow with.

That definitely can make your life a lot easier.

You need some solid business relationships.
If you don’t have that now…

Consider this an Invitation


We’re all just people from all different walks of life, from many different countries. All motivated to succeed and all benefiting from each other.
Don’t you even think about giving up on your dreams!
Don’t you even think of quitting!
Don’t Stay between a Rock and a Hard Place, Don’t stay between frustration and Faith.

If you’re not part of an active and supportive team, then c’mon in, we’ll make room for you and we’ll show you how to make your way to the top.


You might even accidentally have some FUN, while you’re at it!
I’ll be glad to Introduce you.




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