Got a Headache yet??






Is that Headache taking you any closer to your goals?

Well maybe it’s time to stop banging your head against the wall.

Seriously, if you are in the beginning stages of your Internet or Network Marketing Journey, the whole experience can be rather daunting.
Everyone is trying to get your attention with their new bright and shiny system. Everyone’s got advice for you to follow. They all have THE system that will change your life!

For the most part that life changing system probably involves you parting with some hard earned cash. Not for a solution, mind you, but for another training system that keeps you positioned as a lifelong student.

Something else to comprehend… another learning curve until you are so bent and twisted you don’t know which end is up.



Is it really any wonder you have a dang headache?


Honestly guys there comes a time when you just have to DO IT!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against Free Enterprise. In fact I love the Free Enterprise system.

I’ll admit that I have met some very sincere entrepreneurs that offer a great deal of value and are fairly priced with their training products. I have benefited from most of the education I’ve received from them.

I’m just saying beware of the ones that keep you in an endless loop, where you have to keep purchasing more and more products before you finally will find the magic solution to your problem. I was in that cycle for quite some time and I felt like I just couldn’t get ahead. I was spinning my wheels and not getting any traction, and…



Yes, I had a Headache.



It’s not just the money alone. What about the time involved? You’ll never get that back.

What should you do first? Get an auto-responder and set up an email sequence? Learn how to do effective PPC? Should you dabble with solo ads or co-ops? Don’t forget to apply SEO techniques to everything you put out there.



There are so many rabbit holes you can fall into you’ll never get out.



That’s one of the biggest reasons so many people give up, throw their hands in the air and say “I Quit”!



These are some key points to look for when selecting a company to work with.
*Look for a Great Product that produces results, one that people don’t want to be without. They will order month after month.
* Look for a method to promote that product that is self-contained. Make sure everything you need is included in your system for attracting leads.
* Some of the really super-duper systems will even do all the advertising for you so you can just purchase your leads directly from them. This can actually be very cost effective when you factor in the cost of advertising and all the trial and error.



The whole point to this business is to have leads to talk to and there are great systems that offer just that.
That’s actually…



a Great relief for Headaches.



Just for fun here’s a neat little video. I think about it a lot when I just want to get things done!




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  1. Your blog is so on the money, Dan…very informative! So many are consumed with information overload, become very confused and just throw their hands up and quit as well!

    Good info, Dan…thanks!

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