Live a Healthy Life way past 40…

Live a Healthy Life way past 40…

Are you on track with a Healthy Life?

OK, well it really doesn’t matter what age you are right now, we all want to continue to live a Healthy Life. Getting older is a fact of life but as you do, you need take care of your body and fight the effects of aging. We’re not going to grow old gracefully, we’re here to keep kicking butt all the way through life.

We’ve all heard the mantra “Eat Right and Exercise”. That’s good advice! What happens when you do that and that’s still not quite enough?


There has always been a debate about supplements. Some people think that you get everything you need from your food. Really??? With all the food engineering and modifications that are being made today. Seriously, do you really trust the FDA for your health advice?
I began using supplements when I was in my 20’s. I’ve always used good quality products and tried to keep things natural. Shaklee, Herbalife, and Zrii, just to name a few.
I know beyond any doubt that I’ve been able to maintain good health much longer because of that. I’m thankful that at 60 yrs. of age I’m still able to work all day in the Arizona heat. I’m thankful that blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and all other vital health factors are in place and I need no other medications to keep me at peak performance.
Recently, I’ve been using an awesome liquid nutritional product called Vemma. I’m going to tell you a little bit about why I chose Vemma for myself, but the point is. Find something that works for you and give your body what it needs to re-build strong cells.


The whole point to my blogs is that we have a Healthy Life and a Healthy Lifestyle. “Live Long & Prosper”

I should throw in a cautionary note here… Unfortunately, the store bought vitamins aren’t going to do much for you. They tend to pass right through your system. Most of them are synthetic replications of what your body really needs.
I have always preferred to give my business to the Network Marking Industry because they have much better Research & Development and they tend to keep things natural for better assimilation. It just doesn’t count if your body can’t suck in the nutrients and benefit from them. To maintain a Healthy Life, it’s not just taking vitamins, but allowing your body to benefit from them.


So, to be clear. You don’t have to use the same products I use to maintain a Healthy Life. Just use something of very high quality!


I am going to spend a minute or two telling you why I chose Vemma and why I can’t stand to be without it.
First of all Vemma stands for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen & Aloe. It comes in a good tasting liquid and I do 2 oz every morning. It makes me alert and active, eliminates joint pain and keeps me from getting sluggish during the day. I recently ran out and I could really feel the difference.
These are some quick notes on the benefits of Mango & Aloe:

Mangosteen… has been a part of the traditional medicine of various Asian countries for a very long time, and was once brought all the way around the world so that it could be sampled by Queen Victoria. The health benefits of mangosteen have been known since 18th century and it has been proven that these benefits are not just mythical. It is a storehouse of essential nutrients which are required for normal growth, development and overall nutritional well-being. Different parts of the fruit and plant are used in the treatment of various diseases and disorders.
In experimental research, scientists have shown that mangosteen extract may possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-tumor properties. These antioxidants have healing properties which heal cells damaged by free radicals, slow down aging and ward off degenerative diseases and physical and mental deterioration.
Additionally, preliminary research suggests that mangosteen extract may help shield the brain from the toxic effects of amyloid beta (a substance that forms the brain plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease).
*Drink aloe vera juice to relieve gastrointestinal disorders like indigestion.
*Sip it to aid in elimination. Many times, it’s recommended for its laxative effects.
*Take a swig to reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome including bloating and discomfort.
*Take aloe orally to relieve heartburn, arthritis and rheumatism pain.
*Drink to lower blood sugar levels—especially for diabetics.
*Strengthen gums and promote strong, healthy teeth by taking orally
*Drink to help ease congestion, stomach ulcers, colitis, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections and prostate problems.
*Take orally to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides for a healthy heart.
*Sip to minimize inflammation and infection of the eye and ear.


Yep,Vemma is a great combination of Good Stuff…

We also promote a natural energy drink called Verve which is the official energy drink of the Phoenix Suns basketball team. All of our products have the Vemma Nutrition in them.

Healthy Life

Of course like most nutritional companies we offer a weight loss program. Not all companies can brag about having Chris & Heidi Powell from the Extreme Weight Loss Transformation promote and endorse their products.









I will include a link in case you’d like more information on any of the products. You can download PDF’s for more nutritional facts and read some amazing testimonials. Oh, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Get back to me if you have any questions on products or prices.
If you follow my blog you’ll know that most of my posts deal with living an enriched life as we get older.

Living a Healthy Life and Enjoying a Healthy Lifestyle is all part of that magical mix that keeps life interesting and makes everyday a rewarding experience.


Feel free to leave comments and contact me directly with any questions.
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