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Here we go with Part 2,

Magnetic Sponsoring





More Great Tips from Magnetic Sponsoring

NOTE: if you missed part 1 of this series you can catch up here.

If you work your business part time, you definitely need to maximize your efforts and avoid the traps and pitfalls of this industry. You will find many loud voices all trying to trap you with their Bright & Shiny objects every single day. I hope quick little readings like this will act as a shield for you. Just let that noise bounce right off.
I’m hoping that good products, produced with integrity, such as Magnetic Sponsoring will help you maintain your laser focus on whatever business is most important to you.
The worst possible thing you can do (and I say this from personal experience) is try to do too many things at one time.
Being overwhelmed is not productive, feeling like you’re always behind and can’t get caught up is not productive.
It’s like the story of eating an elephant one bite at a time. Who in the heck would want to eat an elephant in the first place??? That doesn’t even sound good!
Sorry, but the point is you have to do things in a certain way. You have to approach your business with organized and methodical steps. Build a solid foundation and you can go on to construct a skyscraper that can be as big as your vision can create it.
I’m all for Multiple Income Streams and there may be a time when you are ready for that too. But, first become a Master of where you are right now.


This is our advice from Magnetic Sponsoring today


I’ve para-phrased a little bit…
Read or Listen to audio, work on your own personal development.
Become the person you need to be, to be successful. As you do you will develop new personal beliefs about yourself. This will manifest in a new sense of confidence and posture. Leadership will begin to emerge from the inside out. That sense of belief in yourself will bring forth results in your business.
Let’s face it, people have problems. They need Money. They need more Time. Maybe, they want to lose 30 lbs.
The key is to position yourself as a solution to their problem. Your solution may not fit or fix every problem out there, but it will for many and this is how you determine your Target Market.
These are two key points from today’s reading:
1. REMEMBER, you are a leader, display that with your confidence and posture.
2. You have a Marketing System that is easy to use that will help your new people sell products.
Think about that for a little minute!


I just noticed I’m only about half way through the book so I can see there will be several more parts coming down the road.
If you are not quite sure what I mean by a system that helps your team sell products, you can look at the one I use as an example:


It will ask you to enter your name, ph#, and email address. That information only goes to me and it will allow you to receive the follow up sequence so you can see how the “system” operates in its entirety. This is critical to hold the interest of your prospect until the timing is right for them.
One other note before I go…
I believe Mike Dillard is still offering his FREE boot-camp when you purchase Magnetic Sponsoring. Check it out.

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  1. It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of information.
    I am happy that you just shared this helpful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for all of your positive comments, I should have part 3 up later today.

  3. Dan-This is a great blog with lots of good points. I will be watching for your next installments. I personally had to learn this the hard way too. When I first got started, every thing I read or heard about, I just had to give it a try. I now try to give this information to anyone new, in hopes that I can keep them from wasting their time and money while leading them to a point of confusion and frustration. Congratulations on this post…I know people will get something out of it.

    • Thank You very much Lorie. I look forward to getting better acquainted as we both help others accomplish their dreams.

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