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Magnetic Sponsoring


this is installment # 3 in our Magnetic Sponsoring series.

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I had really hoped that I would be able to get them out a little faster than 1 a week, but what can I say? Things are crazy and there are only so many hours to go around. Thankfully, my Home Based Business is doing well, because my JOB is killing me. 3am wake-ups are just crazy.
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I wanted to say a little bit about my journey.
One of the issues I’ve had with several of my last companies were the constant barrage of Glory Stories. I understand the concept of creating a vision for people to aspire toward. I also understand that too much of a good thing can be counter-productive.
If, for example you are working your butt off doing what your upline has instructed you to do and all the little pieces & parts haven’t come together for you yet, you may think “What the Heck?” It’s working for everyone else, why not me?
Let’s do a quick reality check. Most of the people that you see achieving rapid success in certain things have already paid their dues someplace else. Earning $10,000.00 in 30 – 60 – or 90 days is not the norm. There are some people with certain skill sets that can do this.
Many of us, in the beginning are just developing those skill sets.
Do Not let these stories of rapid success make you feel inadequate or diminish your self-confidence. The key is consistency and determination. Remember, it’s not get rich quick. It’s get rich for sure!
So, to say it again, Successful people do things in a certain way and over time will manifest certain results. They have a system that they work with a routine. They apply tenacity and they achieve results.
In the words of David Woods & David Sharpe, “Don’t be a Wussy”.


Here’s a quote from page 38 of Magnetic Sponsoring


The industry needs to stop twisting the truth about how this business model works, and the average Joe needs to stop looking at the MLM business plan as a quick fix for his/her financial situation and start looking at it for what it is: A financial asset like a CD or Mutual Fund that grows exponentially and pays out over time.



So I’ll continue to para-phrase from Magnetic Sponsoring:
You need 5 key components
Step 1. A traffic generator – Many systems have plans built in for the purchase of leads. If you have a decent advertising budget this method is the best way to go for maximizing your time. There are many other methods some low cost and no cost to begin generating leads, i.e., facebook, craigslist, on line & off line classifieds, fliers and pull tabs and way too many more to mention here.

Once they click on your link they move to…

Step 2. The Pipeline – your link takes them to a capture page that collects their name, email address and phone number. That information is entered into your auto responder and your prospect is taken to a new page that shows them your marketing presentation video.

Step 3. If they don’t sign up right away, your Auto Responder goes to work on them. This would be a series of emails that either you have created or in many cases are provided by your company for you to critique and make them your own. These emails are sent to your prospects in a drip sequence every couple days. This will automatically keep your contacts in touch with you, until the time is right for them to make a decision.

Step 4. Retail Product – Your Auto Responder sequence is also a good time to introduce your prospects to your retail product if you have one. This may offer a solution to one of their problems. Many loyal and devoted distributors come from your customer base. Retailing your product also puts money in your pocket.

Step 5. During this process you are building a stronger relationship with your prospect. Not every email in your auto responder should be about selling. Make sure some are of a lighter variety so they get to know you better. People always chose to work with people they know, like and trust.

Remember these things in your marketing strategy. Everyone in the world wants Better, Faster, Easier & Cheaper.
Every action in life is based on either gaining pleasure or avoiding pain. The desire to avoid pain is greater than the desire to gain pleasure. That is exactly why most people never step out of their comfort zone. They continue to give into their fears and never make any real positive changes in their lives.

Most of the time when people make a purchase, they are purchasing hope. Something that will make their lives better. They gravitate toward people that have what they want.
Be the leader that offers a solution to their problem.
Offer them a sense of value and show them that you can lead and guide them and you will effortlessly attract new team members.

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