Intro – The Science of Getting Rich

Intro – The Science of Getting Rich


the Science of Getting Rich

So, today we embark on an interesting journey. For you seasoned veterans this will be a refresher course. For those of you that have not yet studied these principles, you should be prepared to have a complete shift in consciousness. These are simple concepts, but so profound when you apply them.

This book was originally published in 1910. You’ll notice that when the author speaks about steel mills and agriculture as being major industries as well as the upcoming future of air travel. Never the less, these concepts are sound and they have become the foundation of the personal development movement, the law of attraction and books like “the Secret”.


the Science of Getting Rich

Many people are feeling trapped by a bad economy and at the mercy of the governments and societies they live in.
I hope that once you absorb the wisdom of this book, you’ll understand that this is just not the case.

No matter where you are or what situation you find yourself in, if you begin to do things in that Certain Way, things will begin to change for you and a shift in circumstances will begin.

Sounds magical I know, but we’re talking about universal principles here. Just like the law of gravity, not too many people argue about the reality of gravity anymore!


This is an actual science.

The Science of Getting Rich.



You can always find your own copy of this book on amazon, but before we get started I do want to make a special offer available to you.


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My first sponsor and mentor Tim Hendricks shared this book and these concepts with me a few years ago. This book and these concepts have certainly been a blessing for me and the least I can do is pass this blessing along to others.

I will also include a full length presentation for you here, but there is nothing like having the actual book in your hands.

This introduction has gone a little bit longer than I had planned, so with this being our first time out I will just share a few simple truths with you to chew on. Write them down and think about them daily.

I also invite you to take the time to view the video presentation of the Science of Getting Rich. It will be time well spent, I promise!

In the blogs to follow, I will be sharing other gems of enlightenment.

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Write this down and keep it close by…

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the inter-spaces of the universe.
A thought in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by this thought.
You can form things in your thoughts, and by impressing your thoughts upon formless substance, can cause the thing you think about to be created.


The science applied here is an exact science, and failure is impossible. Every man or woman that does this will certainly get rich.


As always, I welcome comments and feedback in the section below.


Stay tuned, we’ll have more highlights in a few days. Be sure to take advantage of the FREE OFFER.


No matter what business you’re building or even if you apply this to your personal life, changes are sure to come, be diligent..



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