Live Like You were Dying…



Live Like you were Dying







I love that song by Tim McGraw. Have you ever really listened to the words and let them sink in?


I’m sure that many of you reading my blog are building your own business. You’re probably locked into that “Make it Happen” mode or the “Whatever it Takes” place.

I understand that, we bust our butt for a few intense years to get that Passive Income machine cranking. Then we relax and enjoy life.

I’m just going to suggest that we appreciate the Here and Now, while we are Here and Now.

Don’t let your priorities slip away. Make sure you’re sharing a lot of love with your wife and your children or anyone else in your inner circle.

Those of us that own Home Based Businesses are a driven bunch of people. If we lose sight of our priorities we can end up driving the ones that are most important to us away.

You really don’t know what tomorrow will bring so don’t put things off until tomorrow that you can do today.

I got to thinking about this on my drive home. I lost a good friend at work today. One minute he was talking and joking like always. The next half hour he was gone from a massive heart attack.
The thing that I admired most about my friend was that he worked hard and he worked long hours, but he also played hard. He took weekend get-a-ways and he spoiled his grand-children. I’ve got a feeling that as he looked back on his life he was pretty well pleased.

If we can do that, review our life and feel as if it’s a life well lived…well I think that’s a pretty important accomplishment.

Remember, success is measured in many ways.

I promise this was not meant to be a lecture, just sharing some of my thoughts here.

I’m hoping you find the perfect success you’re striving for.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend. I try to set my schedule in this order to keep my priorities straight.
    1. My spiritual life
    2. My wife
    3. My son
    4. My business

    It seems to help.

    • Thanks for the reply son, make sure you squeeze your Dad in there someplace too!
      Love You

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