Remember these things in developing Leadership

Personal Leadership as well as Leadership in your Team




When you begin to develop your business, you will soon realize that your business develops at about the same pace as your ability to lead.

Don’t freak out. Even if you have never been in a leadership role in the past it is honestly a pretty natural evolution.

Basically, Be Yourself, Remember what you needed to know when you were at the beginning stages of starting your business and then do your best to provide that for your team members.

Always have a next step waiting for them to continue their learning curve. The goal is for them to be productive, not just busy. This will help to minimize confusion, frustration and overwhelm for your newbies.


You can do that with training pages, videos or simply by plugging them into an existing system so they know what to do and how to productively spend their time. Obviously, all efforts should be geared toward getting them a result. That’s what solidifies the fact that they have made the right decision.

This is also an important point of leadership…

It may sound harsh but sometimes people need to struggle and fall down a few times. You can’t and you shouldn’t try to do things for them. Point them in the right direction and let them do the work. Finding the answers for themselves will make them stronger and build their  self confidence as a leader.

This is what my friend has to say about leadership.

By: Tanya Aliza

#1 Be Focused – If I’m going to give 110% into the venture, I want my Business Partner to be giving 100%. There are too many shining objects out there on the Internet and if I’m going to be plugging my people into a Leader, the focus needs to be on the Venture and not 50 other things that LOOK GOOD! To get the BEST results there needs to be 100% focus on the main objective with long term vision…..NO ‘Buy it and Try it’ Attitude.

#2 Be Available – I can’t tell you how many times this doesn’t happen in our industry and it’s quite sad. There are good people out there that are spending money with us marketers…..they deserve our time in helping them achieve success. For some people, this is a brand new venture and they’re going to need a little more help to catch their groove. From Brand New to Fully Experienced if there is an exchange of trust and money there should be a good line of communication and support.

#3 Be Personally Developed – I don’t know about you but I want to learn from my Business Partner and the only way for me to learn from them is if they’re more personally developed than me! I search out someone who goes to events, reads good books, listens to awesome audios and has a very positive mindset. The more events the better, the more books the better etc.

#4 Give a Damn About People’s Success – The best thing that I learned from Zig Ziglar is: “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want!”

#5 Be Connected – It’s not what you know…’s WHO you know! Ain’t that the truth….. It’s great to have personal Influence but to have TEAM influence is Power! I want to know that I am working with a well connected team where I can diversify my leadership and knowledge! If you are trying to figure out how to do this……Go to events and Network!



Like I said earlier there is a natural progression of leadership that occurs. In some ways like being a parent. Set a high standard and lead by example and you will be amazed by the type of person you will become. You will also be amazed by the type of person you attract.

If you are in need of assistance in gaining some practical leadership skills, fell free to take a look right here. You may also contact me directly from the form on the right.


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