Retire Early, here’s the Plan!

Retire Early, here’s the Plan!

Do you day dream about being able to retire early and relax on a beach instead of working every day?


Well, it is possible, so let’s start making plans for that day dream to come true. Let’s take some action ahead of time to move us in that direction.


Here are a few strategies to help you retire sooner rather than later:


Reduce expenses and save more money.
✓Focus on your expenses, cut spending, and increase your contributions to
retirement accounts.

Find additional ways to earn more money.
✓You may want to find a different job or work a second job to increase
your retirement savings. Better yet let’s think of some ways to use leverage so you are not just trading your time for dollars, day after day. After all, we only have so much time available.

Start your own business.
✓Earn money on the side before you retire and supplement your income
while retired with your own business. This is now one of the easiest things to do. There are many lucrative opportunities available with low startup costs. Be Careful in your search there are scammers out there too. Work with someone you trust.
You might want to start your search right here:

✓If you have money coming in, you won’t have to depend entirely on your savings or
social security during retirement. Of course for Americans the question is how much Social Security will be available when we do retire. Make your own plan!

✓Selling your large family home and buying a smaller one will save on mortgage
costs and utilities, leaving more money for savings now and lower costs when
you retire.

Consider moving to another location.
✓You may want to retire in another location that offers a lower cost of living. If you are considering overseas locations let me recommend this website: Dollars go a lot further in many of these locations.

Change your retirement expectations.
✓Lowering your expectations can allow you to retire early. Find a way to live on
less. This is my least favorite. I think we should always be expanding and growing while we are here. Be Happy with your Lifestyle!


It is possible to retire early and spend your days relaxing on a beach.

However, it’s important to create your plan before you retire. I hope some of these strategies have been helpful.


Feel free to explore our website at the National Wealth Center for additional income earning potential.




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