The Greatest System is YOU!

The Greatest System is YOU!

What system are you really working with?








A system is a great way to maximize efficiency and free up time while increasing our productivity.
This is true in every business, from the assembly lines I worked with at Pontiac Motors to cooking hamburgers at McDonalds.
As I shifted my focus to working on the Internet I also looked for a well thought out system that would improve profitability.
There are an abundance of good companies that all have a good system to increase the results of their team members.
I would urge you to look for a company that has a good system in place. Something that you can move right into and jump start your business. You’ll definitely want a capture page and auto responder to track the leads that are looking at your offer.
You can also create your own with a simple tool like this:  AWEBER.

I just want to offer some advice and a word of caution in today’s blog… and this is it!


It doesn’t matter how good a System is…


Chances are at one time or another, it will crash or be shut down. It might be temporary or maybe permanent, but in any business you can expect things to happen that are out of your control. Google makes changes, YouTube drops your videos, Merchant accounts freeze your cash or your server company turns you off because somebody said you were a spammer, they don’t have to prove it they just have to say it!
Get ready it’s going to happen and it’s beyond your control. So, what are you going to do about it?

It’s usually up to the business owners to take care of the situation and that could take some time.

I’ve had two systems crash on me this year. It cost me existing customers as well as new sign ups.
Like I said many things in business are outside of your control. So let’s ask the question.

What do I control?


Ultimately, YOU are the only system you control!


You may not think of yourself as a system, but in the long run you are the attracting factor to your business. People choose to work with you because they know, like and trust you. So, the most important thing you can do for YOUR system is to build relationships, create trust and add value. Engage with the people that seek your advice.


It won’t always benefit you monetarily in the short run. But, you will be developing a network and a personal community that are connected to you. These people are connected to you and they will stick with you regardless of the business you’re involved in.
I came to realize this last week when I posted a little facebook note about some minor surgery I was having. The response really surprised me. Many of the people that responded and expressed concern were people that I only know from my On Line activities.
It helped me to realize that we do really touch other lives in everything we do. That’s probably what moved me to write this today.

I’d like to know your thoughts on this topic.


Focus on the only system you can control… YOU! Everything else will fall in to place.


I hope you’ll share some comments below to let me know how you feel about this topic.

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